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Keeping ahead of the COVID curve

My father has always exhibited 'Armageddon' pantry stocking behaviour. Until recently, I had never questioned this behaviour. However, I became incredibly grateful for this symbiotically inherited trait following the global pandemic declaration and my subsequent 14 days of isolation, following a fervent scramble home from Singapore.

As my Dad and I recently conversed about this behaviour we began to talk about its origins. His parents were born during the Great Depression whereby rationing and preparedness for uncertain times became ingrained in conscious and then subconscious behaviour. This has since lived on for generations, without formal interrogation.

It is without doubt that the unfolding COVID-19 situation has been the greatest disruption in global in most living histories. Immense change has brought about a heightened level of vulnerability among many. Encouragingly, many have used this vulnerability as an opportunity to pivot and adapt to grow stronger than before.

An inspiring example of this is how quickly teachers, who were already time poor, pivoted with minimal instruction to move their class lessons online. Another example is how gyms moved personal training online and rented out gym equipment. These new channels are likely to play a critical role in their organisational playbooks into the future. These examples highlight our accelerated reliance on digital interactions, which has catapulted us into behaviours that we may have otherwise only experienced 10 years from now.

This interruption to our lifestyles also has us questioning how we live our lives: how we interact, how we utilise our leisure time and how we purchase and spend. And these disruptive assessments are going to change behaviour, possibly for generations to come.

From here, I am looking forward to working with brands to uncover how the 'new normal' impacts consumer behaviours and developing enterprising solutions to our dynamic new world, where we both flatten, and stay ahead of the curve.

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