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"If you don’t ask,
you don’t know"

A simple phrase spoken by my grandfather when queried about why he asks so many questions - also the key sentiment underpinning the ethos of Sullivan Dean.

We are the human stories driving business decisions.

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We uncover human stories with empathy, respect and integrity to effectively guide business decisions for our clients.

Qualitative research allows us to explore the underlying needs, values and beliefs that drive human behaviour. In a world of big data, we believe that it is ever important to truly understand the lives and realities of people as individuals. 

Courtney Sullivan Qualitative Research Consultant Sydney
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We are a full service qualitative research and strategy agency based in Sydney, Australia.

Focus groups
Indepth interviews
Accompanied Shopalongs
Online focus groups and interviews

Gang surveys

Qualitative Research Consultancy

We also create bespoke methods to best suit the research question.

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Since Sullivan Dean’s inception in 2017 we have been honoured to put these qualitative research practices in place for a wide range of clients and agencies.

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Courtney Sullivan is the lead qualitative researcher and founding Director of Sullivan Dean.



Prior to launching Sullivan Dean, Courtney was honoured to work at Nielsen for 15 years. During this time she moved from Brisbane to New York to set up the qualitative business for North America and then went on to lead the Qualitative, Neuroscience and Shopper practices for Australia in Sydney.



In 2017, Courtney created Sullivan Dean, a boutique market research agency focused on uncovering human stories to inform business strategy. 

When Courtney is not working she enjoys immersing herself in cultural contexts around the world.

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